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When forces of nature come together

The Terra Alpina wines are characterized by a unique interplay of harsh Alpine and sunny Mediterranean influences.

Jagged rock walls, rugged landscapes, whistling winds, icy cold water, and mighty coniferous trees on one side. Green hills, beaming sunshine, idyllic lakes, rippling water, and sprawling olive groves on the other. An explosion of colors: white, red, turquoise, green. The Dolomites present a combination of contrasting natural elements –  hot and cold, Mediterranean and Alpine, limestone, and porphyry - not found anywhere else in the world.

The Dolomites

In prehistoric times, a tropical sea lay where the towering Dolomites reach into the sky today. Colliding tectonic plates raised up atolls and volcanoes that were once submerged by a great ocean, resulting in colossal, rugged mountains – the Dolomites. To this day, layers of fossilized coral reefs can be found in the rocks. The mountains’ unique beauty led to their designation as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site in 2009.

Contrasting soils

Limestone and volcanic porphyry. Two geological opposites come together in the Dolomiti area. Both bear witness to their history: the white, organic limestone originated from reefs, atolls, and small islands. The red porphyry was formed by hardened magma from erupting volcanoes. The limestone, found across the majority of the Dolomiti area, gives structure and body to the wine, while the porphyry adds verticality and precision.